Your practitioner and her story

About Maéva Campergue

Your Maéva Campergue practitioner can talk to you about the effects of this method. Indeed when she was just 20 years old, and she had her license as a Cavalier Gentlemen rider (amateur jockey) during a gallop she had a serious accident. After being helicoptered, she woke up after two months of coma and long months of total amnesia, hemiplegic on the left side, blind and unable to write or speak. Testimony :

It is clearly thanks to neuroptimal that in addition to my rehabilitation I went very quickly in memorizing and learning it.


neurofeedback neuroptimal

My pain and paralysis were planned to stay for life I have clearly practiced this for a year at the level of once a week and now I have regained my mobility, I no longer drop my things, my balance is stable , as well as my language and memory I even regained my sight!

I was pronounced dead on the spot and now my disability has become invisible. So yes it’s not medical I did it in addition to my medical appointments, but what I am today I clearly owe it to Neuroptimal dynamic neurofeedback.

So it was last February when she saw the panic and unease of people in the face of covid that she had the idea to open her two practices in Oise. Being a high-level athlete, she took the opportunity to bring this to the sport horse, which is a true high-level athlete with whom we also have greater demands and has created his specialty. It also works on horses as well as other pets (dogs, cats, goats).

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