Dynamic neurofeedback brain training near Beauvais and Senlis.

Discover a gentle and natural method to strengthen your brain!

Dynamic Neurofeedback called Neuroptimal comes from neuroscience, is a non-medical process which aims to re-educate the brain. For this, a non-invasive and painless learning process is used, in order to allow the brain to modify itself and to self-regulate its brain activity.

This ultra effective technique is used by many athletes in any discipline. It does not generate any side effects, and will train the brain, as one could train the body.

Neuromirror uses this natural, gentle technique for your brain to self-regulate. We support you to bring more harmony to your life and improve your well-being or that of your sport horse and / or pet thanks to the dynamic Neurofeedback brain training sessions on Senlis / Beauvais.

The effects of a Neuroptimal Dynamic Neurofeedback session

The effects of neuroptimal dynamic neurofeedback sessions can be classified into three categories:

  • physical effects,
  • emotional,
  • and cognitive effects.

At the physical level

Neurofeedback sessions are useful for improving hypertension, heart disease, brain damage or paralysis, hearing and vision problems, diabetes, dependence and addictions, sleep disorders, allergies, Alzheimer’s , multi-dys, autism and many other pathologies.

At the emotional level

Our sessions are useful for people with depression, people with burnout, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, stress, who cannot relax, those who cannot manage their shyness or anger, etc.

For what is cognitive

Neuroptimal dynamic neurofeedback allows you to increase your attention, alertness, memory or even self-confidence.It allows the brain to rebuild itself after chemotherapy sessions.It is useful for people with concentration problems and others? we train the brain as a whole.

List of mutuals that can intervene in the management of Neurofeedback sessions:

  • Agrica,
  • Mutual credit,
  • general mutual,
  • Swiss life UNI health provident,
  • Pacifica agricultural credit,
  • MGEN….

For more information about our Dynamic Neurofeedback brain training sessions in Senlis / Beauvais,please contactus by phone or email!

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