Welcome to the Neuromirror website!

Neuromirror offers individual sessions for you, but also for your horse!

The course of our sessions

Neurofeedback sessions begin with a quick explanation of the method and procedures used. Your specialist is there to answer all of your questions, so don’t hesitate!

Then comes the time to install the equipment: sensors are installed in the skull to measure brain activity.

The sessions last about half an hour. During these 30 minutes, you will watch a video or listen to music with headphones, while the sensors do their analytical work.

The sensors, when they detect a sudden change, will order the video or music to slow down and thus stimulate the brain to focus on the present moment.

These breaks will naturally train your brain so that it can correct itself.

Gift vouchers for Neuromirror sessions to offer are available on site

You have questions ?

Aware that the Neurofeedback technique is relatively recent and that it generates a lot of questions, we are delighted to be able to guide you on the subject and answer all your questions! We are available by phone or email using thecontact form!

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